Much needed asbestos in soils guidance: CAR-SOIL

  • Much needed asbestos in soils guidance: CAR-SOIL

    Much needed asbestos in soils guidance: CAR-SOIL

    CL:AIRE have teamed up with the Joint Industry Working Group (JIWG) to produce some much needed guidance on how the legal requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 have been interpreted to apply to working with asbestos contaminated soil and Construction & Demolition materials.

    The ‘CAR-SOIL’ document provides an interpretation of how each of the regulations set out within CAR 2012 should apply to works with asbestos in soils and provides practical advice on how the regulations should be applied by practitioners in the planning and execution of works to identify and manage asbestos contamination in the ground. The guidance also includes scenarios of when soil works are licensable, notifiable non-licenced and non-licensed and provides insight into recent research and risk assessment tools which have and are to be released within the coming year. Some of the research/tools include: the mass quantification ‘Blue Book’ method, a CL:AIRE database of personal and static air sampling results obtained by industry practitioners during a variety of activities conducted on asbestos-contaminated land and the two-part risk assessment Decision Support Tool that facilitates the assessment of licensing status of work as part of the risk assessment required under CAR 2012.

    The guidance has been produced for use by practitioners in the geoenvironmental and asbestos sectors and is freely available to download at: . If you require any environmental advice relating to asbestos in soils please do not hesitate to contact us .

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