Proud Winners of a RV Business Award

  • Proud Winners of a RV Business Award

    Proud Winners of a RV Business Award

    As we’ve may have already mentioned, we are the proud winners of a RV Business Award 2017! Given that the official pictures are up we thought we would provide you with a few more snapshots and information from the award ceremony which took place last Thursday evening!

    Award Receipt with Employer and Sponsor

    The award was sponsored by and voted for by the Chamber of Commerce who selected BEK as ‘the most successful and sustainable business nominated this year who has demonstrated a clear vision and rationale for the business, a strong evidenced track record of success, an impressive record compared to competitors and peers and a plan for development and growth.’ 

    It’s safe to say we are humbled to have received such commendments! Most importantly, we certainly couldn’t have received the praise without our fantastic client base, whom we endeavour to provide the best quality environmental consultancy services, often above and beyond the call of duty. Therefore, a massive thank you to our clients.


    Action shot from Awards Night


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