Beavers win Historic Court Case

By September 20, 2020 No Comments

After coming back from extinction, Beavers win historic court case

After over 400 years of extinction and a 5 year study by the Devon Wildlife trust, the Government have declared that 15 families of beaver have the legal right to remain on the River Otter in Devon. After the study delved deep into beavers’ impact on the local environment, the trust called it “the most ground-breaking government decision for England’s wildlife for a generation”; it is the first known time an extinct native mammal has been granted permission to resettle in the country.

Beavers greatly benefited the landscape around them, their ever-prevalent dams providing protection against potential flooding, while also enriching water cleanliness and quality, allowing for greater ecology not just for the inhabitants of the river itself but also local kingfishers.

Hunted to extinction over 400 years ago, there are now over 50 adults and young living at the river, helping to benefit the land around them; the original geo-environmental consultants, here’s to the beavers and the wealth of benefits they can bring to our ecosystem!

If you’re concerned about ecological issues (link) or potential flood risk (link) but can’t afford a family of Beavers, BEK is ready to beaver away at any potential issues to ensure your site stays dam good!

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