Build*3 with bEk

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Build³ with BEK

‘Build Build Build’ is the slogan the Prime Minister has chosen to inspire this confidence: a slogan rich not just in repetition but in instruction. The UK must actively construct new opportunities for itself, utilising the recently-granted investment into infrastructure (pledging £5 billion into increased infrastructure for hospitals, roads and schools) while taking advantage of comprehensive cuts to bureaucratic regulations in order to promote further construction nationwide.

With crisis, comes opportunity. Out of the abyss of the dark ages of civilisation suddenly burst forth the greatest technical and artistic advancement history has ever seen in the form of the Renaissance. From the peril and destruction of World War Two, devastated countries such as the United States and Japan forged ahead into their ‘Golden Age’ and ‘Economic Miracle’ respectively, each categorised for a prospering middle-class and boundless consumerism. It is the hope of the Government that the UK emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic with similar optimism and belief in our collective ability to drag our nation back to its feet.

Consequently, one of the key areas of focus here is Brownfield sites. These are areas of land that have often previously been utilised for development and as such may be contaminated. The Government has outlined these sights as having great potential, especially for a new fleet of affordable housing to ‘address intergenerational injustice’ that has seen young people struggle to enter the property ladder. These sites are a fantastic area to invest but naturally, with potential contamination comes potential risk.

Luckily, bEk is here to help. We are able to provide comprehensive risk assessments across all potential issues or contaminants, guaranteeing our clients an objective and thorough advice. The Government is promoting this as a fantastic opportunity to expand your business; whether it be new offices, expanding property portfolios or building for the community, we can provide expertise across all development opportunities. The country needs to build. And bEk are the specialists to help you do so.

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