Environmental Essentials; Why are these things important?

By September 20, 2020 September 21st, 2020 No Comments

What does a contaminated land risk assessment entail and why does it matter?

Ubiquitous across the world, Contaminated land can appear in areas that may surprise you. Fields of flowing greenery, emerald grasslands flooded with life can disguise terrain rich with pollutants. This deception is frequent for building developers; indeed, this covert toxicity may not simply be down to areas which have previously housed factories or mining facilities but areas that find themselves contaminated simply due to natural geology, with issues ranging from natural gases to asbestos. BEK are able to provide comprehensive and thorough site investigations across a plethora of landscapes, in order to determine the exact chemical make-up of these areas. Indeed, some land can be classified as completely toxic, if it befits guidelines laid out under the 1990 Environmental Protection Act.

These instances, however, are rare. What is more pressing is the required context of the land itself; BEK takes the required data regarding how the site will be used and reviews this against the land composition, determining whether certain measures would need to be implemented in order for the site to reach the required safety threshold. This ensures that clients can have complete peace of mind regarding not only the health and safety of their own workforce but also of the general public and the wider community; guaranteeing a space for them that is free from contaminants, minimising risk and ensuring businesses can focus on providing the best products and services available. BEK represents safety and security in these matters, with an unblemished track record and decades of passion-driven experience.