About bEk Enviro

BEK is defined by our service to our clients – here are our guarantees to you:

  • Expert advice: with a range of specialists across the geo-environmental spectrum, BEK is rich in knowledge of any issues. We have experts ranging from flood risks and ecological landscapes to trial pits and electrical drilling. We aim to be able to help on any and all possible projects; but on the rare occurrence we cant help with a solution, our extensive and dedicated network will find someone who can!
  • Free consultation: BEK’s core beliefs were founded on helping customers. We aim to not only be extensive and thorough in our recommendations but also reasonable. We understand the bevy of jargon and regulations that flood the construction world; that’s why we offer a free consultation to any and all clients across the UK, to cut through the red tape and ensure you’re aware precisely what action needs to be taken. We will be delighted to analyse your site and communicate exactly what issues may arise and how we can work together to solve these. Clear and honest communication is paramount in business and we believe this is the least we can offer clients.
  • Friendly down-to-earth people: we’re known as ‘the down-to-earth consultants’ for a reason: and it isn’t just for the pun purposes! We’ve built our network of clients and associates on the foundations of consistency; we not only reliably deliver great value but our work is dependably exemplary. However, away from work, these relationships extend because of the kind of personnel that encompasses BEK; warm-hearted people who care about the work they do and the people they do it for.
  • Driven and able to meet any task anywhere: Despite our head office being based in Lancashire, we’ve demonstrated our high-standards are eternal across the UK. With jobs across the geo-environmental spectrum performed from the shining, sunny Hastings coast to the stunning snow-dusted peaks of Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. The one constant is our desire to give our customers the best possible service and that’s why we’re trusted UK-wide.
  • Community focused: since its inception, BEK has been dedicated to benefitting the local area. Education has been a major focus, with our experts giving talks across local schools, colleges and even frequently to businesses, ensuring as many people as possible are aware of their impact on the environment and how they can better the areas around them. Our blog (link) often contains environmental interest pieces concerning the wider UK and our LinkedIn page will often contain snippets of information regarding the local ecology and any potential issues. Finally, we have invested in charities including the Safety Guide Foundation, helping educate local schools on various issues from bullying to road safety.

History of the company

Formed in 2013 by Michael Buckley, bEk Enviro is an award-winning Geo-Environmental Consultancy providing objective and thorough advice for a wide-range of issues that may arise on construction and civil engineering projects.

With decades of experience, we have a dedicated and committed team of chartered engineers, all with extensive expertise across a broad range of geo-environmental disciplines. BEK Enviro has well-established relationships with a wide network of specialist partners, enabling us to deliver on projects of all scales and sizes. This collaborative approach to the assembly of task-specific teams is pivotal in maintaining a competitive advantage and sets BEK apart as a leader within the field.

You can trust us to provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of potential problems without compromising the quality of service provided.

We can help with issues across the Geo-Environmental landscape.

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Viability Assessment

Geotechnical Surveys

Ground Gas Risk Assessment

Site Investigation

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Growth and the future

BEK is always committed to growth and expansion, aiming to help as many people across the UK as possible to develop sites that reach the highest standards. Having won a plethora of awards throughout, from our beginnings as a micro-business to recent awards for innovation and excellence in delivery, we want to continue to maintain these high standards, demonstrating our levels of service to all customers as well as our ability as a company to evolve and make changes when necessary.

As well as maintaining standards and diligently developing our services, BEK aims to expand our portfolio. We have been looking to new technology; drone surveying, for instance, can help capture comprehensive 3D mapping of site areas, allowing for even more detailed analysis of ground conditions as well as higher-quality image capturing in order to determine even the most minute potential issues. We’ve also invested in rotary drilling equipment, ensuring that even the toughest geological areas are solvable by our team, without the need to contract additional suppliers. We aim to encompass all of your sites needs, ensuring the highest standard for all areas of our clients portfolio.

Finally, we aim to be everywhere. We’ve been looking into increasing offices across the country, in order to deal with the bevy of contracts we receive from coastal areas. We hope to have offices laden throughout the UK, able to attend to client’s concerns no matter their location. Growth is the greatest symbol of progress and BEK shows no sign of slowing down.

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