bEk Enviro Contaminated Land

bEk Enviro
Assessment of Contaminated Land

Our contaminated land services include:

• Preliminary Risk Assessment/Phase 1 Desk Study Reports
• Site Investigation
• Contamination Risk Assessment
• Hydrogeological Assessment
• Surface Water Assessment
• Remediation
• Validation
• Ground Gas Risk Assessment
• Chemical Testing
• Gas Monitoring
• Ground Water Monitoring
• Pre-Acquisition Survey

Our approach:

To comply with UK policy and guidance, we apply a tiered approach to the assessment of potential risks associated with contamination and ground gas. This will initially consist of the preparation of a preliminary risk assessment or phase I desk study. This is an appraisal of all the available relevant background information to identify potentially significant risks from contamination.

Phase 1 contamination assessments are usually required to support a planning application or to satisfy a specific condition on a planning permission. If potential risks are identified, then it may be necessary to undertake site investigation. We also carry out site investigation to assess the risks identified. Trust us to design, implement, supervise and validate any remediation work required to facilitate the redevelopment of a site.