Drainage Design

BEK is able to produce detailed drainage design systems in order to assist with the management of surface water onsite. Alongside our flood risk assessments, our drainage design services are able to prepare preliminary drainage strategies for proposed developments, including, where appropriate:

  • The assessment of the existing drainage infrastructure on a site.
  • Calculation of existing storm water run-off from Greenfield and previously developed sites.
  • The preliminary assessment of storm water storage requirements and design of flood compensation works.
  • The preliminary design and use of sustainable drainage techniques.

We aim to provide drainage design services that range from an initial outline report right through to detailed drainage plans for anything from smaller scale projects with more complex drainage needs, through to large scale residential, commercial and mixed use developments. Our Drainage services include:

  • Detailed Drainage Design
  • Modelling of Existing and Proposed Drainage Systems
  • Section 104 (Adoptable Systems)
  • Section 185 (Sewer Diversions)
  • Percolation Testing (BRE Digest 365)
  • Attenuation Sizing
  • Soakaway Sizing
  • Flood Defence Consent
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Foul Drainage
  • Materials Management Plan