bEk Enviro Flood Risk Assessment

bEk Enviro

BEK Enviro can provide site specific Flood Risk Assessments to support planning applications for residential and commercial developments to satisfy Environment Agency and Local Planning Authority requirements.

We can also provide indicative surface water drainage information for developments and provide advice on suitable sustainable drainage systems (SUDs) for managing increased flows as a result of development.

As part of the National Planning Policy Framework, the Local Planning Authority and Environment Agency may request a Flood Risk Assessment as part of the planning application process if your development is located within Flood Zone 2 or 3 of the Environment Agency Flood Map or is greater than 1 Hectare in size. Our Flood Risk Assessment will assess the risk of flooding to your site from various sources including:

· Flooding from Rivers and the Sea
· Groundwater Flooding
· Surface Water Flooding
· Artificial Water Sources (e.g. Reservoirs)