Brady’s Yard


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BEK was commissioned to carry out a site investigation at an area of land encompassing the former Brady’s Yard, located in Barrow-in-Furness.  The purpose of the site investigation is to provide a full geo-environmental assessment to quantify the potential risks from contamination and provide a geotechnical assessment to determine foundation design.  The site is to be redeveloped with 84 residential houses.

Historically, the site has been predominantly associated with a steel hoop and wire works (the biggest in the world!). These works required railway links to the Furness Railway line and several railway sidings were located within the site.  Several tanks were also located on the site associated with these works.  More recently the site has been used as a depot and for warehousing.

Previous groundworks on site had uncovered several suspected artillery shells at the site. The shells were identified as naval artillery shells, these were dealt with by the Army Bomb Disposal team and found to be ‘dead’. The shells were all different and it was commented on by the Army personnel that the shells were likely to be either part of a display collection which was disposed of - or were possibly going to be melted down given the historical foundry works on site.

Works included:

  • Phase 1 preliminary risk assessment and developing a conceptual site model
  • Site investigation including trial pits, CP boreholes and WS boreholes
  • Installation of gas and groundwater monitoring wells
  • Soakaway testing to BRE365 to inform surface water drainage options
  • Laboratory analysis of samples recovered from the site investigation
  • Detailed quantitative risk assessment and geotechnical assessment
  • Controlled waters risk assessment
  • Ground gas and groundwater monitoring
  • Preparation of a site investigation and ground assessment report
  • Preparation of a ground gas risk assessment
  • Putting permit exemptions in place and a materials management plan (MMP)